I recently took this amazing 2-day Photoshop for Bloggers class.

And now I kind of know how to make stuff!

Crafts excluded.

I made a fall fashion graphic and ran it on the Mint blog (check it out for a larger/better view of the graphic).

So far The People of the Internet haven’t ripped it to shreds, so I thought I’d share it with you guys, too.

A few thoughts on this:

The cheaper dog sweater is way cuter than the expensive one.

Just say yes to chambray/denim shirts and oversized parkas!

While I’m not a fan of buying cheap boots, it’s totally acceptable when experimenting with a (hopefully fleeting) trend.

What’s on your fall fashion wish list? 




Graphic Sweater

Splurge :: Save

Combat Boots

Splurge :: Save

Chambray Shirt

Splurge :: Save

Crossbody Bag

Splurge :: Save

Oversized Parka

Splurge :: Save