I haven’t really shared much about my happy place. Yes, I like to share pictures and a funny story or two, but not that many people have a lot of insight into what exactly I do when I’m up there.

I wish I had something really wild and exciting to tell you, but the truth is — there just isn’t much to say. And that’s exactly what keeps me going back for more. The simplicity of life. 

This is what my office looks like:

My favorite coffee mug:

Lunch breaks:

And a lot of fresh air:

What is it about your own happy place that keeps you going back? 

Gray Shawl Cardigan: Thrifted

Navy Floral Dress: Target (I also wore it in this post)

Belt: Shop Ruche

Scarf: Amazon (mine is in “Persimmon“)

Cream Tall Socks: Macys

Mustard Yellow Tights: Target

Cream Wool Hat: REI

Rain Boots: Xtra Tuf