Just say NO!

Are you addicted to Uggs? It’s ok. I used to be, too.

Now that Labor Day is behind us and fall weather is just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to hold an Uggs intervention.

As a former Uggs addict, I know all too well how enticing the world of Uggs can be. It’s so easy to trick yourself into thinking you look glamorous, which is easy to do when celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Brittany Spears make them look so accessible.

If those names made you shudder a bit, then maybe some of what I’m saying is sinking in. Because Uggs is a one-way street to looking like a washed-up Hollywood socialite whose fame peaked in 2001 and you don’t want to go down that road, do you? DO YOU????

Dabbling in Uggs is a slippery slope. You start out as a light offender, tricking yourself into believing you are in control of your Uggs habit, until you find yourself sporting them to the office for “casual Friday” and flossing them with a short skirt for a sexy date night number.


And this is where I’m going to have a little Come to Jesus with you. Look me in the blog while I say this: You are not the exception to what I am saying. Uggs do not look good on you. Did you hear me? THEY DO NOT LOOK GOOD ON YOU.

I don’t care if the cute shoe guy at the fancy schmancy department store told you how good they look on you. At the most basic level, he is a pusher who is profiting off your lack of judgement and shame on him for taking advantage his power while you were in such a vulnerable state.

I know some of you are going to have a hard time accepting what I am saying. Denial is powerful and believe me, I’ve heard it all. I don’t care if your Uggs are metallic, knit out of yarn, or embellished with unicorns and rhinestones — they are not cute and they are not flattering.

Also? Spare me any talk about how comfortable they are, how you don’t care what anyone thinks, and how all the moms on the soccer field are wearing them. I’m telling you — Uggs have a way of clouding your reality and tricking you into believing it’s ok to wear them.

And if it seems like everyone else is wearing them, it because they are. It’s a freaking epidemic.

Ok. I’m not going to sit here and beat you up any longer. Instead of being part of the problem, I’m going to try to be part of the solution.

So, the next time you start lurking around the dark corners of your closet, itching for a fix of that sweet sheepskin, satisfy your urge with one of these 10 alternatives:

1. Sheepskin Tramper Boot by Minnetonka

Everything you love about Uggs (the sheepskin lining, casual comfort) but without the tell-tale Ugg-liness. It’s an Ugg in disguise!

2. Mendota Tall Boot by Lands End

This boot is easy to dress up or down and it will definitely keep you warm when the weather cools off. The slight wedge heel gives your leg a little extra length, but it’s not so high that you look like you’re doing the walk of shame on the way to get your morning latte.

They would even be cute rolled down to expose some of the fur lining, if you’re feeling cheeky.

The photo here features the spice brown color, which I think it superior to the rest. The black is way too heavy and the tan just look plain cheap. Sorry.

3. Harper Suede Boot by J Crew

Omg, omg, omg, I LOVE these boots. The color, the sleek design, the amazing zipper detail…. I could go on and on.

Ok, they are pricey. BUT — I spent too much money on a pair of J Crew boots once. Fast forward ten years later and they are still in my closet. They are probably one of the most-complimented items in my wardrobe.

Fun fact: I wear these yoga pants with my tall boots and none is the wiser. If you love these boots and have some cash to spare, GET THEM. For me?

4. Maine Hunting Shoe by L.L. Bean

I own a pair of these, but in a greenish color. I actually bought them for my frequent trips to Washington, but have found myself wearing them around San Diego, too. I love the height of the boot, the quality of the craftsmanship, the quirky style, the sassy red sole, and the fact that they are totally unexpected.

Everyone has a pair of Hunter rain boots (or knockoffs from Target). Surprise all the soccer moms with this classic style.

PS: You can also buy an insulated insert for the boot if you live in a colder climate.

5. Paige Loop Lug by Frye

If Uggs had a badass, motorcycle-riding, redheaded half-sister, this would be her. The Paige Loop Lug is still lined with sheepskin, but the tough-girl exterior is totally hardcore. These are also pricey, but no one ever said fighting the War Against Uggs would be cheap.

6. Deena 2 Boot by Aquatherm

How sophisticated are these? And, can you think of a better holiday boot? You can’t tell, but they are lined with micro fleece. Wear them with leggings, skinny jeans, or tights and a short dress/skirt. Or maybe a little “Mrs. Claus” getup? *wink, wink* Your man can thank me later.

7. Shoreham Tall Boot by Timberland

They come in four colors and all of them are good. ALL OF THEM.

8. Chipahko Felt Boot by Sorel

I am really, really, really contemplating getting these. In a, “I want them but can’t afford them but am going to still pretend like I might buy them but I’m really just going to think about them A LOT for a while” kind of way. It almost hurts to look a the picture. *sigh*

It’s like The Hunger Games teamed up with Water World and kicked Uggs’ ass and this shoe rose from the ashes.

9. Ostersund Boots

This boot is right on par with the whole bohemian/Native American vibe going on right now. I like the casual, slouchy look and they’d look great with jeans or a dress or maybe even some knit leg warmers poking through the top.

10. Classic boot by Annie

The are simple, sleek, and best of all — inexpensive. At just over $60, you’ll spend half of what a pair of Uggs goes for and you’ll look two times as good. Wait, make that two billion times as good.

What do you think? Are you ready to join me in my War Against Uggs? Which pair are you willing to rock this season?