This week’s 90s Hottie was inspired by a friend of mine. In fact, we had a bit of a disagreement about this celebrity’s 90s Hottie status. First, take a look at him in the prime of his 90s hotness:

And here is one more, just for good measure:

While it’s undeniable that Stephen Dorff was a 90s Hottie, I cannot deny that something in his past keeps me from being able to fully accept him into 90s Hottie greatness.

I hate to be a Judgy Judgerson, and I’m sure she’s a really nice lady and all, but I just can’t get over this:

(photo circa 2005)

My friend seems to think this doesn’t matter, that a 90s Hottie should only be judged on the decade he flourished in and anything that happens afterwards is a moot point.

My friend also doesn’t take issue with the whole Pamela Anderson thing, so I don’t know how heavily I should weigh this opinion.

Now I turn to you: Does a 90s Hottie need to maintain a standard of hotness past the 90s to be considered one of the great hotties of their decade? Or is the only criteria that they were hot between the years of 1990-99?