Well, I’ve been home from my happy place for a week now. And while I can’t say I’m 100% mentally back, I think I’m ready to start blogging again. I’ve had this weird bloggy block since I’ve been home, and given that also turned right around and flew right to San Francisco for work, I feel sort of drained. I don’t know, it seems like life is sucking the funny out of me right now.

So, instead of words, let’s try some pictures instead!

All of these were taken with my iPhone, which should give you an idea of how much raw and natural beauty lies within the islands. It never fails to take my breath away:

And if you follow me on Instagram (littlehenhouse) you may have seen these already, but I had to share them with the rest of you because we pretty much had the best time ever:

  1. I am totally in love with this little coffee mug, but Dr. Mom wouldn’t let me take it home. It remains in the cupboard, awaiting my return.
  2. Emma got to sleep with me every night, which is pretty much her dream come true. Do any of you actually sleep when your child is in bed with you? Because, seriously. 
  3. The leaves had already changed, and maybe it’s just because I live in Southern California, but I could not stop taking pictures of them. Be-au-ti-ful.
  4. We went to the Farmer’s Market, which seriously looks like something out of a movie set.
  5. I had to get a shot of my favorite farmhouse on the island. LOVE!
  6. We had more than a few cozy fires.
  7. My kids are officially addicted to the local pears and apples.
  8. There was fresh crab. Yum to the max.
  9. This is my second favorite farmhouse. Can you tell I have a thing for farms yet?
  10. We celebrated Halloween. *cackle*
  11. Super Girl!
  12. And then there were the long car rides. And oh boy, did they feel loooooong. 
That’s it! It was an incredible trip and I always feel like I leave a little piece of me there when I come home. This time felt particularly special and I am so grateful for my little happy place.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little bit about the shopping. Just because there isn’t an Anthropologie or J Crew on the island, doesn’t mean there is a shortage of beautiful things to covet. Next time I’m leaving my credit card at home.